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We are a group of world class professionals, consultants, and experts working together to elevate the real estate experience.

Core Real Estate solutions was created to provide all agents, teams and brokers with automated technology solutions, done for you marketing materials and endless productivity support to help them build strong and successful businesses. Our cutting edge solutions are designed to save time while boosting performance and increasing revenues. We understand how challenging it can be to operate a real estate business in today's competitive market, so we strive to make life easier by providing comprehensive solutions for all of your needs.

Our automated technology solutions enable our partner companies to streamline their operational processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and higher productivity levels. By leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis and cloud computing, we optimize the workflow of our partners’ businesses. Our full-service offerings include automation of mundane tasks such as document creation, lead management and transaction coordination, allowing agents to focus on client relationships.

Our done for you marketing material gives partner companies access to top-notch content that’s custom tailored for their audience. We provide them with everything from website copywriting services to social media campaigns that drive leads directly into their inboxes. Our team also works alongside partners to create targeted campaigns based on individual markets or buyer personas that effectively grow sales within specified areas or demographics — leading to long-term success.

We also offer endless productivity support so our partners can stay focused on achieving their goals without being bogged down in paperwork or administrative details. We provide personalized guidance throughout the entire process of setting up the right systems and developing effective strategies so that businesses remain productive even during times of high demand or market shifts. Additionally, we offer educational courses that provide additional training around topics like customer service best practices or digital marketing tactics — helping agents maximize their potential from every angle.

Above all else, Core Real Estate was created to help real estate professionals realize their dreams by providing them with powerful solutions that keep business operations running smoothly while also elevating performance levels across the board. We take pride in working alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry — delivering titan resources and simple solutions that help build strong and thriving businesses in an ever-evolving market space.

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